Featured Products And Services

  1. Arcos™ Block Management System

    Minimize errors, increase productivity and keep your laboratory’s resources focused on what matters most—positive patient outcomes—with the Thermo Scientific™ Arcos™ Block Management System.

  2. CryoVault™ Freeze & Thaw Platform

    CryoVault™ is a scalable, robust, completely single-use freeze and thaw platform for biopharmaceuticals.

  3. Product Labeling And Kitting Services

    Singota Solutions offers product labeling and kitting services to the pharmaceutical, animal health, biotechnology, and medical device industries.

  4. Nuvia S Media
    Nuvia™ S is an ultra high-capacity, next-generation cation exchange media built on the industry proven UNOsphere base matrix technology. Nuvia S provides very high capture and exceptional flow properties designed to meet current and future process needs.
  5. Single-Use Dissolved Oxygen Sensor Adapter: 550DW

    Rosemount 550DW single-use dissolved oxygen sensor adapter is compatible with standard stainless-steel DO sensors, currently validated with the Rosemount Hx438, and enables placement into the bioreactor single-use bag. Only the gamma-irradiated adapter touches the process solution, meaning the sensor can be reused for multiple batches. The sensor can be air-calibrated prior to start-up to verify functionality with no fill product needed in the bioreactor. Shelf life is two years.

  6. Provider Of HBV Antigens For Immunoassay

    Grifols supplies recombinant Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) core antigen for immunoassay diagnostics.  This antigen is used in immunoassays that test  blood donations worldwide as well as clinical testing of patients.

    Our HBV antigen is a licensed biologic with the FDA.

  7. microCompass™: Microbial Detection System
    microCompass™, a unique combination of powerful technologies that targets ribosomal RNA to detect bacteria, yeast and molds – and gives you previously unheard of speed and accuracy.
  8. Biodevelopment Services: From Molecule To Commercial Production

    Are you looking to expand the production of your recombinant proteins, vaccines or plasma commercial drugs? Do you need to bring affordable biosimilars to emerging markets?

  9. Aseptic Disconnect HFC39 Connections
    HFC39 aseptic disconnect couplings prevent external organisms from entering into the media flow path upon disconnection. Automatic shutoff valves close off the flow path aseptically protecting valuable sterile media while also eliminating the need for pinch clamps and tube welders. The easy-to-use thumb latch design provides a secure, leak-free connection and enables one-hand disconnects. HFC39 connections are made of polysulfone materials with silicone seals and are ADCF, meet U.S.P. Class VI requirements and can be sterilized using autoclave or gamma.
  10. Drug Product Fill/Finish

    Your Contract Manufacturer for Drug Products - Access the world’s leading fill and isolator technologies with an expert team at your side.