Protein A ELISA Kits

Cygnus Mix N Go

Cygnus Protein A ELISA Kits and Protein A Mix-N-Go™ ELISA Kits are designed for robust and sensitive detection of residual native Protein A, natural recombinant Protein A, and other unnatural recombinant Protein A ligands utilized in many commercially available Protein A chromatography resins.

Cygnus Protein A Mix-N-Go Kits incorporate the revolutionary single-step sample treatment procedure. These kits reduce the complexity of the assay and time to result while increasing the robustness of the method over traditional Protein A ELISAs.

  • Simple protocol – NO boiling and NO centrifugation
  • Fast time to results—less than 2 hours
  • Better precision—fewer steps, fewer errors
  • Includes assay calibrators – saves time for analyst
  • Designed to perform with most natural and recombinant Protein A constructs