Application Note

Two-Step Purification Of Monoclonal IgG1 From CHO Cell Culture Supernatant

Source: GE Healthcare Life Sciences

By GE Healthcare

The increasing demand for monoclonal antibodies (MAb) as biopharmaceuticals has promoted the development of cell cultures with increased expression levels. As a consequence, the demand for more effi cient purifi cation processes has increased. This application note describes a two-step process for MAb purifi cation based on MabSelect SuRe™ and Capto™ adhere, a strong multimodal anion exchanger.

The two-step process is applied to the purifi cation of monoclonal IgG1 antibodies from CHO cell culture supernatant and the results are compared with data from a process based on a three-step process. If necessary, Capto adhere can be used as a second or third polishing step in any MAb purifi cation platform.