Thermo Fisher Scientific Customer Testimonial - Libbs

Source: Thermo Fisher Scientific

Libbs is a privately held Brazilian pharmaceutical company and CDMO located in Sao Paolo. Here is how Libbs describes their product portfolio:

“Our portfolio includes about 90 brands and more than 200 medication forms  of the following specialties: cardiology, gynecology, oncology, dermatology, pulmonology, transplantation e central nervous system. We also produce several drugs (active pharmaceutical ingredients – APIs) used in our production lines and marketed to other industries here and abroad. And our universe continues to expand: in 2016, we initiated the production of biologics at the modern Biotechnology area that we are building in our complex in Embu das Artes. In addition to drugs and medications, we create two essential intangible products: knowledge and innovation. These are “active ingredients” drive our advances and allow us to develop medications better and better.”