Supporting Expansion Of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells Using Thermo Scientific Nunc Cell Factory Systems

Source: Thermo Fisher Scientific
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This poster illustrates how Thermo Fisher Scientific can support customers in their bioprocess of choice for the expansion of hMSCs on a Thermo Scientific™ Nunclon™ Delta surface, using either small-scale cultureware or larger-scale Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ Cell Factory™ systemsa (CF). For each vessel type, data is presented with either classic, 10% serum-containing medium or with Gibco™ MesenPRO RS™ Mediumb, containing 2% serum. Overall, we report consistent performance between Nunclon Delta-treated T75 flasksc and 1-tray Nunc Cell Factory systemsa using either classic medium or MesenPRO RS Mediumb. The comparable performance between the small-scale and the larger-scale culture vessels is further highlighted by the cell yield obtained per cm2 which differed by only 10% between T75 flasksc and 1-tray Cell Factory systemsa for each media type. In addition, overall cell viability was greater than 96%. We also report true scalability of hMSC cultured in classic, serum-containing medium by increasing the surface area contained within the Nunc Cell Factory systema from a 1-tray vessel to a 10-tray vessel: When seeded at a density of 2000 cells/cm2, eight million cells (8.1 E06) were harvested from a 1-tray Cell Factory systema following 4-day culture. Following expansion to a 10-tray Cell Factory systema using the same culture paradigm, 80 million cells (8.27E07) were harvested. This 10-fold increase in yield corresponds to the 10-fold increase in available surface area between a 1-tray and a 10-tray Cell Factory systema. The scalability of expanding hMSCs in classic, serum-containing medium within Nunc Cell Factory systemsa is reflected by the consistent growth rate of hMSC and the retention of the cells’ differentiation potential when expanded from a 1-tray to a 10-tray Cell Factory systema.