Application Note

Single-Use Bioreactor Scale-Up Study For Vero Cell Culture On Microcarriers Application Note

Source: Thermo Fisher Scientific

The manufacturing of vaccine- and virus-related products often utilizes kidney-derived, adherent cells during manufacturing. Microcarrier cultures can provide a large surface area for growth of attachment-dependent cells in a small overall footprint. Since microcarriers are maintained in suspension, they lend themselves to use in stir-tanks or other types of bioreactors. The Thermo Scientific™ HyPerforma™ Single-Use Bioreactor (S.U.B.), designed as an alternative to conventional stainless-steel stirred-tank bioreactors used for animal cell culture, consists of an outer support container and single-use S.U.B. BioProcess Container (BPC). The BPC design incorporates an impeller system, gas sparger, and ports for integration of sensor probes similar to those of their stainless-steel counterparts. With the gamma-irradiated S.U.B. BPC, there is no need for cleaning or sterilizing between runs, providing for quick turnaround time with reduced capital and utility costs.