Sampling Solutions: Adjustable Volume And Exact Volume Sampling Systems

Source: Avantor

Exact Volume Sampling Solutions

New aseptic & accurate sampling solutions from Avantor, designed for your high-value critical samples, are flexible and scalable while reducing contamination risk. What fluid handling solution can we build for you?

The new adjustable volume sampling system (AVSS) and exact volume sampling system (EVSS) from Avantor® allow customers to aseptically collect samples or transfer critical and high-value products with superior precision. These single-use, closed system, solutions are available as standard products or are fully customizable to your exact specifications. The innovative dual-syringe design provides the ability for users to purge the sampling line easily and reduce product waste. The unique design of the sample conical tube cap creates a closed system, eliminating the need for a biologic hood, meets stringent quality and regulatory standards and minimizes contamination risk — all while maintaining sample accuracy across the entire biopharma workflow.

We focus on creating choices for our customers and removing the barriers of rigid, one-size-fits-all fluid handling design so you can bring critical therapies to market more quickly. AVSS and EVSS are available as standard offerings, and both can be utilized in customizable manifold or quick aseptic connection solutions depending on the sampling requirements of your process.

Precise Volume Sampling Systems, one of many ways Avantor can help you mitigate risk in your high-stakes operations.

  • Minimize financial risk with accurate fluid sampling — avoiding product waste of the concentrated and costly samples in cell and gene therapy processes.
  • Alleviate production failure by reducing oversampling during the upstream process in cell therapy where less cells are available.
  • Maintain sterility in a closed system for a critical end-to-end solution that reduces contamination risk in sensitive workflows.
  • Novel, single-use sampling system, available as a standard product or fully customizable to your needs.