RoSS.pFTU - Freeze-Thaw Platform


RoSS.pFTU is a flexible plate-based freeze-thaw unit for any scale and batch sizes. The platform is compatible with single use bags and also bottles of all manufacturers and sizes. RoSS.pFTU is the perfect solution if you are looking for a monitored and scalable freezing process. Our RoSS freeze/thaw units allow for the quickest possible freezing and thawing of drug substances. The platforms not only facilitate quick but also constant freezing and thawing of high-quality liquids with the advantage of maintaining the liquid’s quality and consistency throughout the process.

RoSS.pFTU exists in different scales according to your requirements:

  • Lab Scale is most suitable for cell & gene therapies or clinical studies at small volumes
  • Mid Scale is your optimal freeze and thaw unit for batches of up to 70L in first commercialization phases.
  • Large Scale with optional Auto Load is the best freeze and thaw platform for commercial bulk drug substance in large volumes of up to 300L per batch.

Key features of all RoSS.pFTU:

  • Single use bag independent: protect your single-use primary packaging from any vendor and any size.
  • Hybrid: Freeze-thaw of bags and bottles in same platform
  • Freeze/thaw unit adapted to designed RoSS shells, protecting your preferred single use bag
  • Up to 300L load with different sizes of single use bags
  • Scale-up for late phase studies or commercial production with reliable ice front growth speed
  • Best product stability results for all drug substances: mABs, BDS or others
  • GMP-compliant, automated, at highest possible speed and accuracy
  • Freezes down to -90°C