RoSS.FRDG: Refrigerating Frozen Drug Substances For Storage


Refrigerating frozen drug substances for storage. Flexible, Stackable, Mobile, Coolable & Scalable.

RoSS.FRDG is a storage fridge for frozen drug substances in different sizes. It aspires to replace the need for storage freezers when freezing with plate-based freezers at large scales by offering:

  • Great relief for cold room storage capacities due to its high storage density and stackability of RoSS shells
  • Seamless transitions between deep freezing (RoSS.pFTU) and shipping (RoSS.SHIP) or thawing in an end-to-end process
  • High degree of flexibility in-plant due to its portable use
  • A strong helping hand in-plant to prevent staff from carrying heavy loads manually
  • Another way out from incompatibilities of technologies due to its tailored design