Resilient Biopharma Leadership With Ambrx's Dan O'Connor

Source: Bioprocess Online

Since Dan O'Connor stepped in as CEO at Ambrx late last year, the company's stock has rallied on the revival of a previously-shelved anti-HER2 ADC. It also raised $78 million and completed its ATM (at-the-market) offering. O'Connor is no stranger to overcoming adversity. A former marine captain, he was among the first deployed to the Persian Gulf to fight in Operation Desert Shield. While his leadership at Ambrx is anything but militaristic, he ascribes much of his style, and certainly his approach to adverse conditions, to his military time. On this episode of the Business of Biotech, we welcome back Dan O'Connor to discuss the resurgence of Ambrx and leadership resilience in an industry that demands it.

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