White Paper

9 Reasons To Consider A Single-Use Fermentor

Source: Thermo Fisher Scientific
single-use fermentor

By Nephi Jones

Historically, the rigorous performance demands of industrial scale microbial fermentation processes have required the use of traditional stainless steel cleaning-in-place/sterilizationin- place (CIP/SIP) fermentor vessels. A new commercially available single-use fermentor (SUF) product line delivers scalability and now meets the requirements of dense, rapidly growing microbial cultures used in modern fermentation production facilities. This new technology offers many unique benefits when developing new molecules in microbial systems, revamping and validating older processes, or upgrading aging equipment.

1. Single-Use Platforms Offer Dramatic Advantages

In many areas of biopharmaceutical production, single-use technologies have revolutionized the definition of sterile closed-system processing. The most significant change started over a decade ago...