Newsletter | April 18, 2024

04.18.24 -- Process Mapping For More Effective Knowledge Management


Webinar: Insights and Strategies for GMP Manufacturing of RNA-Lipid Nanoparticles

The emergence of RNA-encapsulated-lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) has introduced a seismic shift in biopharma innovation. But how will the industry adapt to diversifying applications and scales going forward? Join David Sokolowski with Cytiva and Jason Coleman with Precision NanoSystems to learn how to leverage manufacturing workflows, processes, and technologies for mRNA vaccine and therapeutic development.


Process Mapping For More Effective Knowledge Management

It takes a patchwork of knowledge from multiple complementary mapping tools to generate the process knowledge needed for success in pharmaceutical and biologics manufacturing.

3 Steps To Digital-First Quality

Explore a proven three-step process designed to help companies quickly transition to a modern quality control system and accelerate their all-digital quality management initiatives.

A Glossary For Industrial DataOps

The first step towards IT-OT collaboration is getting these functions to speak the same language. Here, we outline key Industrial DataOps terms and aim to establish a common dictionary for IT and OT.

A New Blueprint For Technology Transfer

Technology transfers are becoming faster, more efficient, and less expensive as we learn more about the sophisticated technology helping to form a new method built around data integrity.

In Silico Approaches Towards Automated Biomanufacturing

As part of MSAT, in silico approaches such as mechanistic modeling can be used to support and facilitate several activities in the production of biopharmaceuticals at all scales.


Mature BDNF ELISAKit Wako - FUJIFILM Wako Chemicals U.S.A. Corp.


Webinar: Glass Vials To Evolve Your Sustainability Goals

It's been acknowledged that the pharmaceutical industry is a leading contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, even higher than the automotive industry. In response, drug makers are setting aggressive sustainability goals and looking to suppliers to jointly combat this immediate and urgent problem. Join West Pharmaceutical Services on May 15th to learn more about material reductions that will lessen landfill waste. Click here to learn more.


Quick Takes From Takeda Austria’s Annex 1 Rollout

At ISPE's 2024 Aseptic Conference, Takeda Austria's site head spoke about lessons learned from Annex 1 implementation. We caught up with her and asked for the highlights.

Building A Broad Oncology Portfolio With SOTIO CEO Dr. Radek Špíšek

Establishing an organization that can manage a diverse development pipeline for oncology therapies requires an equally diverse wealth of expertise.

Reaching BLA Success: Fast-Track Approach To Process Characterization

Discover how knowledge of microbial processes and process characterization understanding can be used to design targeted BLA programs while managing risks.

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