From The Editor | June 7, 2022

Overcome Platform Inefficiencies In mAb Manufacturing


By Matthew Pillar, Editor, Bioprocess Online

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On June 23rd at 11 AM ET, I’ll have the pleasure of conversation with two mAb manufacturing experts whose company I particularly enjoy. I think you’ll enjoy them too, so I’m inviting you to join the discussion. Our next Bioprocess Online Live! event is all about mAb process development and manufacturing efficiency, and those experts I mentioned are Gene Lee, Ph.D., Chief Technical Officer at AltruBio and Avril Vermunt, Senior Director of Manufacturing Sciences and Technology at EQRx.

Avril Vermunt, Senior Director, Manufacturing Sciences & Technology, EQRx
AltruBio and EQRx are both innovators in the mission to develop mAbs more affordably, and Gene and Avril are both quite transparent about their companies’ efforts to do so. They both acknowledge the platform problem—whereby the purpose-built solutions created to perfect the mAbs of yesteryear are largely not up to the task of supporting the complexity of today’s bi-, tri-, tetra-, and (insert Latin prefix here)-specific antibodies.

Gene Lee, Ph.D., Chief Technical Officer, AltruBio
They’re also acutely aware of the regulatory implications associated with adjusting CMC protocols, the impact of manufacturing efficiency on patient and payer cost (a mantle EQRx is particularly committed to carrying), the pressure layered in by strong therapeutic demand, and the cash constriction the entire industry is currently suffering.

We’ll address these problems and more—as well as their solutions and stopgaps—live in front of a virtual studio audience during Overcoming Platform Inefficiencies In mAb Manufacturing on 6/23 at 11 AM ET.  You’re invited to participate, submit questions in advance, and ask them during the presentation by registering here and joining the videoconference. I sincerely hope to see you there.