Nunc EasyFill Cell Factory Systems

Source: Thermo Fisher Scientific

EasyFill Cell Factory System Photo

Nunc EasyFill Cell Factory system, with its versatile port design, accommodates both pouring and aseptic filling techniques. The design features both a large, easy-to-fill 33mm vented screw closure and a traditional plug 'n' play port, eliminating the need for additional accessories. It is truly an “out-of-the-box” solution or both research and commercial scale cell culture applications.

  • Versatile port design for pouring and aseptic filling techniques
  • “Out of the box” solution – no additional accessories required
  • Traditional Cell Factory features:
    • Space saving format: One 10-layer EasyFill Cell Factory equals 36 x T-175 flasks
    • Linearly scalable from research to commercial scale applications
    • Reduces the risk of contamination (less interactions vs. flasks and roller bottles)
    • Nunclon Delta certified ensures performance consistency from lot to lot
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