Nunc Cell Factory Automated Equipment

Maximize productivity with automation solutions for scale-up of your Cell Factory systems. Automation solution options include Automated Cell Factory Manipulator (ACFM), CO2 Incubator, Shaker and Shelving Systems.


Nunc Automatic Cell Factory Manipulator System (ACFM) 
Simplify and achieve constant and reliable processes. A fully programmable manipulator that automates the handling of Nunc Cell Factory Systems. Designed for use in clean room environments, all functions can be activated by the touch of a button.

Nunc Cell Factory Incubator
A mobile solution for incubation of 16 x Cell Factory 40 or 48 x Cell Factory 10 Systems. Available with and without CO2 control. Easily load and unload carts with the convenient floor height of the Incubators.


Nunc Cell Factory Shaker System
Eliminate traditional need for shaking and pounding with the Nunc Cell Factory Shaker System. The shaker system offers an automated solution for the detachment of cells from Nunc Cell Factory Systems.


Nunc Cell Factory Racks and Carts
Manipulate, incubate and transport. Thermo Scientific Nunc Cell Factory systems effectively using Nunc Cell Factory Racks and Carts. Each rack can hold up to four Cell Factory 40 or 12 Cell Factory 10 systems. Racks and carts are designed to integrate perfectly with all Nunc Cell Factory equipment.