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New Alternatives For Low- And High-Throughput RNA Isolation/Extraction Offer Simplicity, Cost Savings, And Availability

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The new emphasis on research into viral disease therapies and test kits has placed greater importance on RNA isolation and extraction. Technologies are now available that offer greater simplicity, cost savings, and product availability over commercial kits, while generating equivalent RNA quality and quantity. These approaches employ a single device plus the use of the lab’s own reagents.

The extraction and purification of RNA from various organisms is the primary step for downstream applications such as RT-PCR. Successful use of the extracted and purified nucleic acid requires them to be free of contaminants such as proteins, lipids, or other nucleic acids.

For nucleic acid preparations in molecular biological applications that require low- to medium-throughput, researchers are often locked into using kits containing centrifugal devices and reagents that can be expensive and have leftover reagent waste. However, a new nucleic acid extraction spin column allows a single device to perform these experiments using leftover or preferred reagent kits. In this paper, we demonstrate that extraction column spin devices can efficiently isolate and purify high-quality RNA and genomic DNA with yields and qualities similar to devices found in commercial kits.

High throughputs can be achieved without sacrificing results with another technology – the nucleic acid extraction filter plate. We prove that these filter plates have capabilities similar to the nucleic acid extraction column and provide high-quality isolation and purification of RNA and genomic DNA from mammalian cells.

Our study shows that the nucleic acids purified with these types of devices are of high quality and suitable for common downstream activities such as RT-PCR, restriction digests, and sequencing. Together, the extraction spin column and extraction filter plate technologies offer complementary and highly available options for low- and high-throughput nucleic acid purification. They are ideally suited for viral RNA isolation and extraction workflows.

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