MauriceFlex: Novel Platform For icIEF Fractionation

Source: bio-techne
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MauriceFlex combines protein charge isoform fractionation with imaged-capillary isoelectric focusing (icIEF) and CE-SDS analysis in one instrument, so that you can go beyond routine size and charge and conduct an in-depth analysis of your molecule at any stage without needing to rely on different instruments, methods, or expertise.

MauriceFlex, your fully integrated capillary electrophoresis platform that gives you:

  • Automated imaged icIEF and CE-SDS assays
  • Same-day charge variant fraction collection
  • Flexibility to analyze fractions with intact mass, reduced mass, peptide mapping, and others
  • 21CFR Part 11 compliance for your data

Why Fractionate Proteins With MauriceFlex?

The potency, safety, and efficacy of your biotherapeutic can be impacted by certain charge variants present, therefore in-depth characterization is crucial. Now, instead of spending weeks or months on ion-exchange chromatography (IEX) based fractionation, detect charge variants of your protein, AND collect their fractions on the same instrument in the same day!

MauriceFlex Gives You Freedom

  • Freedom to do more with your fractions – analyze with intact mass, subunit, peptide mapping, and more
  • Freedom from laborious IEX workflows – easily collect high-purity fractions without needing columns
  • Freedom from undesirable clones – implement fractionation in early discovery stages
  • Freedom to do more with your time - identify, separate, and fractionate charge isoforms in less than a day
  • Freedom to do more with your budget – get the maximum value out of a single instrument

When to Fractionate With MauriceFlex

  • Biopharma discovery/Cell culture – Without spending time and effort on IEX, get valuable information on PTMs responsible for the charge isoforms so you can select the right clone for your molecule
  • Analytical development – Conduct routine CE-SDS and icIEF assays, and collect icIEF fractions on the same instrument without needing to develop additional methods
  • Formulation – Identify various PTMs impacting the stability of your molecule in less than day