In-Vivo CAR T Update With Umoja Biopharma's David Fontana, Ph.D.

Source: Bioprocess Online

2023 is just around the corner, and it's shaping up to be a big year for Umoja Biopharma. The company is on the leading edge of the effort to break the solid tumor barrier with in vivo CAR T-cell therapies, with one such effort currently enrolling patients for a phase 1 trial. It's planning two more INDs in the coming year. This episode of the Business of Biotech finds us getting the inside story from Umoja Chief Operating Officer David Fontana, Ph.D., whose storied career includes leadership positions at heavyweights including Sanofi, SeaGen, Pfizer, Juno, and BMS. Fontana shares on how he applies his experience playing a lead role in the success of Breyanzi, Adcetris, Bavencio, and Relatlimab in his new role at Umoja, the outsourcing battle scars that motivated the company to build its own 146,000 square foot development and manufacturing facility, and much more. 

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