Improve Water & Wastewater Operations With Advanced Analytics

Source: Seeq Corporation

Across water and wastewater organizations, engineering decisions are too often made based on subjective judgements. Considering how inexpensive and easy modern automation makes it to generate and collect massive amounts of process data, the propensity to make decisions by gut feel may seem far-fetched to a bystander. For plant personnel, however, the struggle to improve upon instinct is often all too real.

Data itself does not lead to informed decision-making because it must first be carefully cleansed and analyzed to produce insights. These insights enable plant managers, operators, and engineers to make informed decisions to increase productivity, but traditional tools to perform these tasks—typically spreadsheets—have fallen behind the needs of users. 

Learn how organizations turn data into insights to fulfill their responsibilities:
•    Producing and distributing enough drinking water to meet demand
•    Guaranteeing water quality meets or exceeds requirements 
•    Keeping water rates low, often at pennies or fractions of pennies per gallon
•    Ensuring sustainable water yield far into the future