HyClone Cell Culture Media, Sera And Process Liquids

Source: Cytiva

For more than 50 years, product excellence, customer centricity, and innovation have defined HyClone cell culture products. Our cell culture product portfolio includes:

  • Sera
  • Buffers and process liquids
  • Media and feeds

Our global manufacturing facilities are designed to meet stringent regulatory production and distribution requirements to serve the biopharmaceutical market. Learn how we are boosting cell culture media production capacity to make it more intelligent.

The acquisition includes two large-scale cell culture media manufacturing plants in America and Asia, which complement our existing capabilities in Europe. With this combined infrastructure we are well prepared to support the ongoing expansion in the global life sciences environment. Regardless of the location, our customers can have confidence in strong support, continuity in product availability and secure supply for cell culture media, sera and process liquids.

Cytiva HyClone cell culture portfolio includes:

  • FBS and other serum
  • Cell culture media
  • Buffers and process liquids
  • Supplements and reagents