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05.22.24 -- How To Use Precipitation, Not Protein A Chromatography, For mAb Capture


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How To Use Precipitation, Not Protein A Chromatography, For mAb Capture

Protein A chromatography is a key bottleneck in mAb manufacturing. Precipitation, an early separation technique, has emerged as a ready solution for continuous manufacturing.

Immunoassays And Orthogonal Characterization

Learn about host cell proteins (HCPs) along with how they are produced, their negative effects, how to identify HCPs in drug substances, and some technologies offering a solution for manufacturers.

The Benefits Of Downstream Process Connection Technology

Single-use downstream applications including chromatography, filtration, and purification create difficult environments for supplier components due to the presence of chemicals across a wide pH range. 

Strategies And Emerging Technologies For mAb Capture

Explore opportunities with the introduction of high-capacity protein A resins, how and when multicolumn chromatography is beneficial, and how emerging technologies can address bottlenecks.

Optimization Strategy And Process Economics Of DNA Digestion

Utilize a high-quality endonuclease as well as an optimization strategy and process economics of DNA digestion in viral vector purification.


Webinar: How To Follow Best Practices In Aseptic Sampling To Improve Quality In Bioprocessing

Save the date for May 30th for an online event with Sartorius. We'll review the critical aspects of aseptic sampling, discuss the appropriate circumstances and methods for sampling, and share the impact the sample container itself may have on assay results. Learn how to ensure the highest standards of quality and process control with Sartorius. Click here to learn more.


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