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04.02.24 -- How To Measure Cell Density In Real Time With Soft Sensors

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How To Measure Cell Density In Real Time With Soft Sensors

Soft sensors can enable real-time monitoring of key process variables, including viable cell density. Here's how one team at Takeda put them to use.


The Need For Mass Produced Spheroids

Researchers looking for reliable ways to recapitulate physiological conditions are turning to spheroids and other 3D objects, seeking ways to mass-produce 3D models for various applications.

Dynamic Trends Shaping The Future Of Microbial Fermentation

Drug developers must understand the latest trends in microbial fermentation. By leveraging innovative methods and technologies, developers can unlock new opportunities and improve patient outcomes.

Understanding mRNA Technology As A Platform For Biopharma

Explore the advantages of mRNA technology, the process steps of large-scale mRNA production, and the effect of common contaminants on mRNA manufacturing.

Healthy Cells, Healthy Results: How To Improve Cell Line Development

Here, we demonstrate how to support CHO cell health throughout the cell line development process, helping to drive efficiencies needed to move towards investigational new drug (IND) submission.

Fit-For-Purpose Tool Improving AAV Relative Potency Measurements

Help transformative gene therapies reach patients with a fit-for-purpose tool for analytical-grade protein expression quantification in a multiattribute platform approach.

Recombinant Protein Production In E. coli: From Shaker To Bioreactor

View this infographic highlighting the strategy, results, and conclusion of a study to define a detailed process for the production of L-ASNase in E. coli BL 21 (DE3) in shake flasks and bioreactors.

Precision Volume Accounting In Fed-Batch Cultures

Are you searching for a better way to calculate growth rate? Explore a new approach that performs the rate calculations using a simple method to correct for volume changes.

Considerations For Successful Upstream Manufacturing Process Scale-Up

A CDMO’s ability to scale seamlessly between bioreactor sizes is critical when adopting a client’s manufacturing process.


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