Webinar | April 18, 2024

How To Get Started With Organ-On-A-Chip Technology

Source: Emulate

Since the early 1900s, scientists have utilized conventional 2D cell culture to explore human biology, achieving significant advancements in the field. However, over time, it has become clear that the artificial nature of 2D cell culture, including the use of cancerous cell lines, static microenvironments, and limited cellular complexity, restricts its ability to accurately model human diseases and predict human reactions to drug candidates.

In response to these limitations, Organ-Chips have been developed as an innovative cell culture technology, offering a more human-relevant platform for disease research and drug discovery and development. These advanced in vitro models replicate the microenvironment that cells experience within the human body, providing a more authentic representation of human responses compared to traditional 2D cell culture.

In this webinar, Luke Dimasi, Senior Director of Product Management at Emulate, provides an overview of the Emulate Organ-on-a-Chip technology. Explore the advantages of Organ-Chips over 2D cell culture as well as data-driven examples demonstrating their enhanced physiological relevance.

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