Webinar | March 29, 2021

General Scale-Up Strategies: Commonalities Between Mammalian And Microbial Processes

Scaling from bench to manufacturing for a mammalian or microbial process is very similar, despite the organisms having drastically different upstream growth profiles and requirements. Likewise, the downstream processes for both mammalian and microbial processes are very similar in general concepts with regards to protein purification strategies. In general, scale-up is considered a linear progression from the bench scale to the larger manufacturing scale, but not every parameter can scale linearly. Whether a process is able to scale linearly is dependent on process development robustness and compatible equipment design. The more robust the process development and the more similar the small-scale equipment to the large-scale equipment, the more linear the process will scale.

This webinar focuses on the equipment adaptations required for execution of upstream and downstream processes at the manufacturing scale. Considerations covered include adaptation to different types/designs of manufacturing equipment as well as linear vs non-linear scaling as result of equipment design differences between the small-scale and large-scale equipment. This webinar also focuses on common parameters used for organism growth and protein purification with a focus on mixing/agitation, gas flow, chromatography and filtration scaling. Case studies are presented to provide examples of an ideal scale-up scenario and a more creative solution to equipment adaptation problems, as scale-up is not simply equations and multiplication but requires an understanding of how the equipment being used can impact the organism or protein, i.e. as mixing/agitation rates may not be a linear multiplication because the number of impellers present on the shaft generate different mixing profiles. By the end of the webinar, participants should have a general understanding of the concepts and tools required to successfully scale a process from bench to manufacturing.

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