Article | February 1, 2018

Driving Change In Biomanufacturing

Source: GE Healthcare Life Sciences

By Jenny Dunker, Global Product Marketing Manager, BioProcess Hardware, GE Healthcare

Driving Change In Biomanufacturing

Two commonly asked questions about in-line buffer preparation

Whatever the objective, driving change is a challenge. Implementing a new technology into a bioprocess is a big change. The new technology must be fully understood, all regulatory requirements fulfilled, the quality of the product output secured, and a thorough risk mitigation conducted.

Biomanufacturing require many unique buffers and some might be complex to prepare, posing challenges to planning for manning, logistics, and scheduling. With in-line conditioning (IC), buffers are prepared just-in-time, simplifying logistics and securing critical quality attributes.

Changing from traditional buffer preparation to IC would mean implementing a new control strategy—driving a change. Here, are the answers to the two most common questions from our customers that can help you drive the change of implementing IC at your facility.