News | October 8, 2020

Cytiva's Fibro PrismA Technology Accelerates mAb Purification In LifeArc's Covid-19 Research

Source: Cytiva
  • New Fibro antibody purification technology supports industry drive for increased flexibility and reduced costs
  • Early adopter, LifeArc, reduced the time to purify mAbs for Covid-19 project from 14 to five days
  • Initial Fibro products support research and process development, with clinical-scale products to come in H1 2021

Cytiva, a global life sciences leader, made Fibro PrismA, the first product based on its new protein A fiber chromatography technology, available commercially earlier this year. The new technology is already accelerating research for customers and collaborators, such as LifeArc.

The Fibro chromatography technology enables rapid cycling antibody purification. In research and process development, this means Fibro PrismA can support up to 20 times increased throughput compared with traditional resins. In clinical and commercial manufacturing, the technology will enable efficient single-use operations, by using the full unit lifetime in a single batch.

LifeArc, an independent medical research charity in the UK, was one of the first organizations to perform technical evaluations on Fibro PrismA. Research scientists were able to significantly reduce purification times from an average of 110 minutes to less than 16 minutes. Most recently, LifeArc applied the technology in a COVID-19 project where it was able to reduce timelines from 14 to five days.

Dr Kovilen Sawmynaden, Principal Scientist at LifeArc, says, “The main benefits of Fibro PrismA are speed and efficacy. As an organization that focuses on translation and progressing work from early lab-based findings, Fibro PrismA is helping us to accelerate the research that brings transformative medicines to patients. We have seen an immediate impact on project timelines, including some of our Covid-19 related work.”

Olivier Loeillot, senior vice president, Bioprocess Cytiva, says, “Speed and flexibility are what our customers need to advance the development of novel therapeutics. Fibro PrismA enables ultrafast purification in research and process development allowing researchers to accelerate the drug discovery process.”

The first commercially available solutions - HiTrapTM Fibro PrismA and HiScreenTM Fibro PrismA, are designed for research and process development.

LifeArc has a 25-year history of driving medical innovation and research. A registered charity in the UK, LifeArc made significant contributions that helped bring the following antibody drugs to the market: Tysabri®, Actemra®, Entyvio®, and Keytruda®.

About Cytiva
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Source: Cytiva