Application Note

Culturing L929 Cell Line On A Nunc™ Nunclon™ Cell Culture Treated Surface

Source: Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ Nunclon™ Delta cell culture products are tested for cell growth and plating efficiency using several different cell lines. Nunc Nunclon Delta products are tested with two cell lines L929, HEL 299 or F2002 and one Primary Chick Embryo cell culture for monolayer formation, plus cell line V79-4 for cloning efficiency. L929 is a fibroblast-like cell line cloned from strain L. The parent strain was derived from normal subartaneous areolar and adipose tissue of a male C3H/An mouse. This Tech Note describes a procedure for culturing L929 cell line on a Nunclon Delta treated surface.