Article | July 14, 2020

COVID-19: Reducing Bottlenecks At Scalable Vaccine Production


How biopharmaceutical companies in the maze to find a vaccine against COVID-19 are relieved from agile suppliers with simplification processes and open mindsets, such as Single Use Support. Troubleshooting with fast, safe, and scalable single-use solutions has proven its effectiveness in extremis.

First, there was a life science industry that was built up with rigid structures, inflexible processes, and timelines over decades. Then, with the pandemic outbreak, the drive from biopharma giants accelerated. All resources have been activated to fight for an immediate remedy and to help saving people’s lives. Waiting was not an option. The motivation of staff was enormous and required increased workload of staff with agile working patterns. Working day and night on one common vision to end the spread of the pandemic while news report from further increase of infected and deaths. However, working faster and harder did not necessarily help to overcome all challenges.

Straight-forward thinking, flexibility, and the opportunity for scalability in all directions and yet maintaining maximum patient safety was in demand. Additional challenges such as travel restrictions, lockdowns, static mindsets of companies required simplification of processes. Business partners needed troubleshooting abilities and a sense of customization in their corporate DNA already since its foundation to be of valuable support. Therefore, the industry relies preferably on agile partners with common goals. Out of these reasons, two frontrunning companies in the fight against COVID-19 selected Single Use Support, as supplier of supportive elements. A relief to bundle the researchers’ forces to what it is about: research: “Wonderful to see Single Use Support working together with us to support the common good.”

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