Newsletter | May 21, 2024

05.21.24 -- Bioprocess Particulate Measurement, Prevention, And Control


Measure Particulate Contamination Levels In Single-Use Systems


With the ever-growing adoption of single-use systems (SUS) products, increasing scrutiny has been placed on the purity concerns of single-use components and their possible impact on the biomanufacturing, storage, and transportation of high-value final products.

Learn why particulate levels and minimizing contamination are important and compare single use system bags.


Improve Sterile Drug Quality With Parenteral Filtration

Large volume parenteral (LVP) and small volume parenteral (SVP) are sterile injectable drugs with two broadly used methods to produce them. Learn more about the size, types, and sterilization of both LVP and SVP injectable drugs.


Subvisible Particulate Matter Testing

This application note demonstrates the capability of advanced, automated systems for subvisible particle testing in injections, ophthalmic solutions, and lipid emulsions. 



Sterile Filtration Solutions For Single-Use Bioprocessing

Bioprocessing for mAbs and other life sciences modalities relies on effective and efficient sterile filtration processes. Find out how you can leverage filtration technology expertise to achieve end-to-end engineered solutions.

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Aseptic Sampling System For High Recovery, Reduced Contamination Risk

This solution reduces the risk of contamination by aseptically handling samples or aliquots of liquid that would normally have to be collected via open sampling methods such as conical tubes or vials.

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