Bio & The Business Of Aging with Life Biosciences' Jerry McLaughlin

Source: Cytiva

Core to the clinical-stage biopharma Life Biosciences belief set is that "contrary to popular belief, aging is not caused by random wear and tear, but instead is caused by a discrete set of biological mechanisms that can be targeted therapeutically.” The fountain of youth might be a fantasy, but the biology of aging, and more specifically, the science behind the manipulation of that biology, is not only real, it’s become big business. Still, the challenge for serious and legitimate biopharmaceutical companies in the anti-aging space can sometimes have less to do with biology than perception. Does the biotech investment community understand and embrace the concept? Equally, if not more importantly, will the FDA and other regulatory agencies lean into the idea that aging itself might be viewed as an indication that warrants therapeutic review? And from a commercial perspective, how does a legitimate biopharmaceutical company, focused on combatting the physical deterioration marked by the advance in our years, separate and differentiate itself from the billions of dollars being poured into the consumer-packaged anti-aging and cosmetic medical procedures markets? On this episode of the Business of Biotech, host Matt Pillar sits down with Life Biosciences' CEO Jerry McLaughlin to address these questions and more.

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