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Bioprocess With The Bozenhardts: Filling System Selection
Bioprocess With The Bozenhardts is back, with a fresh episode packed with advice from Herman and Erich on the selection of filling systems for biopharmas. Listen in as the Bozenhardts give us an update on the process, logistics, and administration trends that are informing filling system decisions today, and offer direction on making choices that will prepare you for the fast-advancing therapies of tomorrow.  Continue Reading..
  • Bioprocess With The Bozenhardts: Biopharma 4.0

    Listen to Herman and Erich define Biopharma 4.0 and discuss how machine learning and artificial intelligence are shaping drug discovery, development, processing, and manufacturing. On this episode of Bioprocess With The Bozenhardts, you'll learn how new technologies will impact your next facility and what elements of Biopharma 4.0 you can put to work for you today.

  • Bioprocess With The Bozenhardts: Return Of The Liposome

    Liposomes have benefits, but their production complexity, “shell” deterioration, and particle size variability and distribution make them a production nightmare that is often more of an art than a science. On this episode, Herman and Erich uncover the resurrection of the liposome and offer guidance on its use. 

  • Bioprocess With The Bozenhardts: Patient Centricity

    On our first three episodes, Herman and Erich covered the central tenets of bioprocessing facilities design and equipment trends. On this episode, we shift gears a bit and dig into patient centricity, the personal medicine cliff, and how those trends will affect the bioprocessing facilities of the future.

  • Bioprocess With The Bozenhardts: Isolators And RABs

    On this episode of Bioprocess With The Bozenhardts, Herman and Erich dig deep into some specific facilities equipment—namely isolators and restricted access barrier systems—with insight and advice on how they fit into your biopharma production processes and the importance of putting the right people behind their controls.

  • Bioprocess With The Bozenhardts: Space & Construction Considerations

    Bioprocessing capacity is feeling the strain. Is it time to build? Is it time to buy? Is it time to overhaul, or is it time to outsource? On this episode, Herman and Erich dig into the considerations—some obvious and some not so—that are key to space and biomanufacturing construction decisions.

  • Bioprocess With The Bozenhardts: Facilities Design Trends

    On this episode, we kick off the season with a discussion on what's driving the move toward smaller, more agile production facilities, the role these trends play in your business strategy, the physical space, capital, HR, and utilities impacts you'll need to consider to stay ahead of the curve, and whole lot more.

  • An Intro To BioProcess With The Bozenhardts: Episode 1

    Herman and Erich Bozenhardt have a collective 55 years of bioprocess facilities design and equipment experience, and they're here to share it all in our fresh Bioprocess with the Bozehardts podcast series. Here's a quick preview of the biweekly deep-dive conversations we'll have with two of the foremost minds in bioprocess facilities engineering.


Matty PHosted by BioProcess Online Chief Editor Matt Pillar, Bioprocess with the Bozenhardts dives deep into biopharma facilities design and equipment selection with Herman and Erich Bozenhardt, two of the foremost minds in the bioprocess engineering space. Tune in for bi-weekly insight on bioprocess workflow optimization, equipment advances, materials handling, process controls, and everything in between.