Thermo Fisher Scientific Featured Content

  1. The Upstream/Downstream Process Balancing Act

    Early collaboration and open communication between upstream and downstream are crucial to ensure a consistent end-to-end bioprocess.

  2. Process Intensification: Getting More From Less

    Intensifying or simplifying your bioprocess can mean more product, shorter manufacturing times, or lower costs –understanding what matters most is key to making the right decisions.

  3. Keys To Consistent Bioprocessing

    The development of a robust and consistent bioprocess requires a systematic and risk-based approach to identify the right process parameters and raw materials.

  4. Thermo Fisher Scientific Suzhou, China Manufacturing Site Capabilities

    Watch this video to learn more about this manufacturing site capabilities, quality management systems, PPI implementation, product expansion, assurance of supply and lead times.

  5. What Makes A “Good” Bioprocess?

    The development of an optimized bioprocess requires a holistic approach tailored to the specific needs of the product.

  6. Single-Use Fermentor Process Optimization And Scale-Up Of Microbial Cultures

    Recent innovations in Single-Use technologies (SUT) have allowed traditional microbial fermentation processes to quickly capture the established benefits that have been proven over the past decade with animal cell culture processes when using disposable processing equipment.

  7. Thermo Fisher Scientific Customer Testimonial - Libbs

    An overview of Libbs product portfolio and how they benefit from Thermo Fisher Scientific services.

  8. Nunc Cell Factory Shaker Video

    Automate the detachment of cells from Nunc Cell Factory Systems by using the Nunc Cell Factory Shaker System.

  9. Nunc Cell Factory Incubator

    Mobile solution for the incubation of Nunc Cell Factory systems, available with and without CO2 control.

  10. Nunc Automatic Cell Factory Manipulator Video

    Specifically designed to lend innovation and efficiency for highly-effective upstream or downstream applications in large-scale cell culture and production of vaccines, cell therapeutics or other biological products.