Manufacturing Logistics Webinars

  1. How One Split-Second Decision Made A Difference For Thousands Of Patients

    In the world of drug manufacturing not all life-saving decisions happen in the lab. Sometimes it’s a lot closer to delivery that key moments require fast thinking. Such as one Saturday morning in Memphis, TN, when Marcus noticed the freezer temperatures were out of range. With over 2,000 cold chain shipments leaving his facility per day, he couldn’t afford to lose a week’s supply due to warm temperatures. As the repair crew worked on the issue, Marcus knew it wasn’t an easy fix and he needed a backup.

  2. Singota Solutions—Focused on Faster

    This video introduces Singota Solutions, a CDMO focused on getting products to patients faster by being agile, accountable and transparent. A team of industry experts help virtual to large pharma clients reach preclinical and clinical milestones faster with shorter lead times and agile onsite operations. Services in formulation development, finishing and supply chain support Singota’s flagship aseptic filling operations. A gloveless robotic isolator provides highly repeatable and precise filling for high value drug products.

  3. An Introduction To The VIA Thaw Dry Automated Thawer

    This video demonstrates how the VIA Thaw CB1000 can standardize a critical step in the delivery of cell therapies with a simple, reproducible and traceable process for recovering cryopreserved samples in cryobags.

  4. An Introduction To The VIA Freeze Controlled-Rate Freezers

    A video introduction on the VIA Freeze™ range which are liquid nitrogen-free controlled-rate freezers to cryopreserve any type of samples.

  5. Virus Risk Mitigation In The Development Of Biological Medicinal Products: A Global Regulatory Perspective Vaccine Cell Bank And Virus Seed Characterization

    An overview of the regulatory requirements given in the latest guidance documents as well as a description of new technologies for determining the identity of cell substrates and virus seed stocks and detecting adventitious agent contamination.

  6. Future Trends In The Biopharmaceutical Market Supply Chain

    Rapid growth and geographic expansion in the biopharmaceutical market is increasing supply chain risks that need to be well understood.

  7. Global Advantage: Free Trade Zones In China

    Learn more about how free trade zones can offer cost-efficient ways to manage your clinical trial.

  8. Demand Led Services and Clinical Supply Efficiency

    See how this service can benefit you with shorter lead time, less waste, less stock out risk and no booklet labels.

  9. CSafe Meets The Demand From Biopharmaceutical Companies For The CSafe RKN

    CSafe Global announces a significant strategic growth milestone with the manufacture of the 1000th RKN active container. This accomplishment is a testament to the dedication of our manufacturing, customer service, technical support and sales team as we continue to meet the increasing demand from biopharmaceutical companies for the CSafe RKN.

  10. AcuTemp Temperature-Sensitive Passive Packaging

    Get the performance, Peace of Mind®, and cost savings you’ve been looking for with CSafe’s AcuTemp® brand passive packaging. Our passive solutions are engineered around the superior thermal attributes of CSafe’s ThermoCor® VIP and are designed and tested to maintain specific temperature range and duration. The passive solutions assortment includes packaging for 2-8°C, CRT and frozen with hold times up to 240 hours and payload volumes up to 50 liters.