Insights On Facility Design

  1. Automated Processing Techniques And Lean Principles Are The Future

    Why new biopharma processing technology and automated processing is key to driving down costs and boosting facility efficiency.

  2. Six Strategies To Improve Your Approach To Fill-Finish Manufacturing (Part 2)

    A growing number of biologic manufacturers are adopting new fill-finish technologies, including single-use systems, pre-filled syringes, and automated fill-finish systems. When doing so it is critical to also consider the cost-benefit tradeoffs.

  3. Six Strategies To Improve Your Approach To Fill-Finish Manufacturing (Part 1)

    Demand to increase speed and flexibility while maintaining sterility spurs the adoption of novel technologies and materials, all of which introduce new challenges.

  4. Dancing In The Bioprocessing Ballroom: Voices Of Experience

    Single-use technology is well-established and made its way into commercial licensed facilities, but there is more innovation in this field which will enhance its versatility into new markets and technologies.

  5. Staying Flexible In Biomanufacturing

    The concept of optionality is key to staying flexible in biomanufacturing by keeping your options open and having multiple pathways to take while navigating through this highly uncertain environment. 

  6. Evolution Of Single-Use Bioprocessing Into BioPharm 4.0

    Biopharma manufacturers seek dynamic processing economics that address the paradigm shift from blockbuster drugs with established production schemes to small-scale manufacturing and innovative tech.

  7. Embracing Biosimilars, They Are Here To Stay

    The biosimilars market is suddenly booming, with established biopharma giants and nimble start-ups all clamoring for a piece of the action. But such steep competition means that only the wise will survive.

  8. Facility Design — Balancing Stainless-Steel, Single-Use, And Continuous Approaches To Manufacturing

    Several drivers affect how the appropriate facility design and unit operations for a process are selected, making it imperative to properly evaluate each option. 

  9. How Can Your Biomanufacturing Facility Benefit From Process Automation?

    With today’s complex manufacturing systems and processes, can a manufacturer afford to not have a centralized automation platform?

  10. How A New Factory-In-A-Box Is Helping Scale Up Manufacturing Of Viral Vector Based Therapies To Reach More Patients

    Manufacturing viral vector-based therapies such as vaccines and gene and cell therapies is complex, but a new manufacturing solution helps solve those challenges.