Implementing A Holistic Approach To The Prevention Of Mycoplasma Contaminations
January 15, 2019 -

Parker Bioscience Filtration

3PM London/10AM New York. The Mycoplasma contamination of a facility or process equipment is notoriously difficult to resolve. In fact, large sums are spent to prove that any material (for example a cell line or cell culture media) is Mycoplasma free before releasing it from quarantine. Despite that effort, contamination does occur and when it does the consequences can be very serious for the manufacturer. These can include lost batches, unplanned down time, engineering works and enhanced checks on products. All this impacts the supply of pharmaceutical products, which in turn has a potential negative impact on human health, not to mention a company’s public profile and its share price. Imagine the twitter storm that could blow up around the lack of a medicine or vaccine!

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