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With a proven portfolio of solutions that span discovery through large-scale commercial production, we bring process intensification across your upstream and downstream workflows, without compromising on quality. And to stay ahead of future bioprocessing needs, we are focused on working with customers and utilizing our unique capabilities, like open architecture engineering and customization, to provide the right solutions to achieve optimal bioprocessing outcomes. That’s our commitment to you and it’s what we call Bioprocessing by Design.


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Gain a 360° view of the Thermo Scientific™ DynaSpin™ Single-Use Centrifuge.

By expanding our single-use manufacturing network globally resulting in expanded capacity and shorter product lead times with consistent quality, and better load balancing support across our manufacturing network in the region.

We have implemented a multi-tier strategy to improve the resiliency of our supply chain and created the largest networked single-use manufacturing organization in the world.

This video provides step by step how to instructions to fill and empty the Nunc Standard Closed Cell Factory System.

This video provides step by step how to instructions to fill and empty the Nunc Standard Cell Factory System.

We are committed to finding solutions to optimize the way we deliver single-use products to our customers around the globe.

This clean and closed system is designed to provide consistent and high-quality results to enhance your adherent cell culture processes. This ready-to-use system will help you quickly develop and scale up your processes with standard components for supply assurance.

A complete hardware, software, and single-use system that helps meet the demands of modern downstream bioprocessing with isocratic, gradient, and in-line dilution processing capability.


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