JSR Life Sciences is a global built on more than 50 years of polymer expertise and began research in the life sciences more than 30 years ago.  Using a variety of integrated, leading-edge technologies, JSR Life Sciences provides materials that contribute to the manufacturing process of biopharmaceuticals, life science research applications, in vitro diagnostics and medical devices. 


  • Stepping away from the classical antibody constructs comes with challenges, as modifications are necessary to develop an effective and robust manufacturing process on an accelerated timeline. In this webinar we review how on our alkali stable Protein A resin Amsphere A3 has shown to be an effective platform capture step for a wide range of antibody fragment variants, which enables significantly more convenience in developing downstream processes for these types of biotherapeutics.

  • This webinar recording from JSR Life Sciences reviews an application of alkali stable protein A for the purification of fragment antibody molecules.

  • The relationships and considerations of bead structure, pore structure, surface chemistries and ligand design on affinity resin performance targets.