Biopharma Powder Handling & Liquid Single-Use Solutions

ILC Dover is a world-leader in the innovative design and production of engineered flexible containment solutions for a diverse range of regulated industries, including the biopharmaceutical market. Our biopharmaceutical products expedite the manufacturing of biologics and reduce the risk of contamination to significantly impact safety, productivity, and profitability. With beginnings in aerospace in 1947, we adapted our decades of experience engineering advanced solutions for the most technically complex and logistically intricate applications, including the space suit for NASA, to provide breakthrough solutions for powder handling, processing, containment, mixing, and liquid single-use.

Our products, including EZ BioPac®, JetVent™, and JetMixer™, each do their part to achieve our mission of protecting people and their environments from the risks of critical conditions. EZ BioPac®, our purpose-built powder containment and transfer system, enables the simple and safe production of media and buffers while reducing fill-time and cross contamination. JetVent™ provides safe, automatic, and pressurized containment for HPAPIs by controlling negative air pressure to ensure proper flow into flexible-wall isolators. JetMixer™ allows for rapid mixing of powders into liquid without shear forces exerted on the powder, among other advantages.

Our custom production equipment and manufacturing facilities, which include an ISO Class 7 Clean Room, allow our single-use products to be manufactured to the most exacting standards. At ILC Dover, we are relentlessly dedicated to providing highly competitive products, advanced technology, and responsive service, and are proud to be on the front lines of global ingenuity and business excellence.


The Sentinel XL® HP is a high performance PAPR system (Powered Air Purifying Respirator) specifically designed to provide healthcare professionals with superior respiratory protection against a range of infectious diseases.

The Sentinel Clear PAPR offers state-of-the art respiratory protection for pharmaceutical personnel and other life science professionals.

The JetVent system allows for easy and confident handling of expensive and dangerous powders.The pressure inside the enclosure measured with high precision is used to control fan speed and gas inlet.

In the pharmaceutical industry, granulation is used to create bonds between particles as part of the oral solid dosage manufacturing process. ILC Dover supplies a family of products that support contained granulator operation and features validated containment technology, clear film, and the ability to retrofit to existing equipment design.

Milling is a common operation throughout the pharmaceutical manufacturing process. Sizing of powders is a dusty operation and with more potent powders being processed, the need for containing this operation becomes even more critical from safety and cross contamination avoidance purposes. 

Tablet coating is a common operation throughout the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry.  ILC Dover supplies a family of products that support contained Tablet Coating operation. 

Tablet compression is a common operation throughout the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry.  ILC Dover supplies a family of products that support contained Tablet Compression operations.

DoverPac® Containment Systems, an ILC Dover brand, is the global pioneer of disposable process and powder containment systems.

The ILC Dover Continuous Liner is an easy-to-use system that has been proven effective in containing active pharmaceutical ingredients and other hazardous compounds.

ILC has adapted the DoverPac® Flexible Containment Technologies to include enclosures for almost any process. Use of the ArmorFlex® film and integral gloves and sleeves will support operations from filter dryer discharge and heel removal to tray dryer loading and unloading. The benefits of this technology are:

The Ventilated Enclosure System combines the benefits of Flexible Containment with a unique, light weight ventilation unit. This system provides all the advantages of a negative or positive pressure isolator providing reduced costs for cleaning and validation with the disposable enclosure that is utilized.

De-agglomeration of powder blocs according to GMP standard.

The Jet Feeder is a multi purpose system for feeding powders into liquid and for low shear mixing. It is the perfect unit to use on those products that are sensitive to shear. ILC Dover completed a successful test at a pharmaceutical facility for mixing starch into solution for a tableting process. The system is cGMP, easy to clean or CIP, and will work in single pass processes or recirculating processes. JetSolutions is an ILC Dover company and is the manufacturer of the Jet Feeder.

The homogenizer is working as a particles size reducer for particles in suspension in a liquid and to calibrate their size at a defined value.

A manual or automatic sampling valve can be adapted at the hopper or container powder outlet with a standard containment or bottle system.

The pneumatic POSITIVE pressure conveying (or PRESSURE conveying) is dedicated  to the transfer of larger quantities of powder or granulates under following conditions:

The negative pressure conveying is dedicated to small quantity of powder or granulates when:

The mixer is loaded with the individual raw materials exactly according to the formulation. The combination of Dosicon®  weighing equipment with suction conveying units fulfils this task. Fundamental advanrages of JetSolutions automatic multi-component dosing are high dosing accuracy (for quantities ranging from a few hundred grams to several hundred kilos), the prevention of cross-contamination risks, and freedom from dust.

The PST system can be operated in batch or continuous way. A set of valves allows the discharge or the re-circulation of the mixture. The powder characteristics and the flow capability will define whether a longer sucking time is required.

Dust-free bulk powder transfer from cardboard boxes, sacks or drums by means of a feed hopper with weighing frame. Positive raw material identification and registration by means of barcode scanners.

The DOSIMAT valve allows a precise dosing of any powder or granulate when filling drums, bags, boxes, big-bags, etc.

«IBC» means «Intermediate Bulk Container». An IBC is therefore a mobile, flexible and rapid storage device for any powder or granulates.

The DOSICON discharge station has been developed and patented by JetSolutions SA for discharging the DOSICON containers (IBC).

Thanks to its weighing terminal IT 9000 as well as its dosing device Multi-Dosimat, JetSolutions SA offers reliability and precision for filling powders or granulates into IBCs, boxes, bags, trucks, etc.

Storage of pharmaceutical compounds is a function of the storage process and not a specific containment driven requirement per se. This is the case whether you are processing in a contained fashion or performing non-contained processing into open kegs with simple drum liners.

ILC Dover brings a unique history and skill set to the biopharmaceutical industry, particularly single use biopharmaceutical powder handling and containment equipment.

Guardian drum liners are an efficient and economical solution to the headache and expense of cleaning and/or disposing of used drums.

The clean room produced liners are designed for use in FIBCs, IBCs, corrugated boxes, bins or totes.  The form fit design allows for a consistently complete fill and dispense of products because the liner has no pleats, folds or other traps to hinder material flow.

Guardian Form Fit Foil liners for hygroscopic dry bulk materials in FIBCs, IBCs and corrugated boxes improves package performance and protects.

Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers, FIBCs or bulk bags are large woven polypropylene bags designed for storing and transporting dry flowable bulk products.

Buckhorn reusable intermediate bulk containers from Grayling Industries are designed to provide maximum product protection, hygiene, and efficiency.

The PaperIBC container from Grayling Industries is a dependable, economical and environmentally responsible alternative to drums, bottle-in-cage and other “heavy footprint” types of intermediate bulk containers. 

EZ BioPac is meeting the challenges of biopharmaceutical powder manufacture. The EZ BioPac single-use system is the fastest, most efficient solution. Its larger diameter top opening permits easy filling and fine-tuning of final weight. 

ILC Dover pioneered flexible containment for the pharmaceutical industry and continues to innovate processes for better performance.

ILC Dover has worked with our customers to develop Flexible Containment Solutions for a wide variety of processes within the pharmaceutical industry.

Another proven method for cGMP processing is also available now using drums, a conical drum funnel and drum lifts.

Flexible Containment for offloading drummed materials in a safe and efficient manner is provided by the Drum Transfer System (DTS) platform.

Used for lab scale and production operations at multiple International Pharma manufacturers, our Granulator containment technology applications take the idea of retrofits to another level.

Nutsche Filters are a mainstay in processing in the Pharmaceutical and Chemical industries. They typically function by keeping the slurry contents fluidized until most of the mother liquor is filtered through.

Process Area Barrier Curtains are a useful tool in improving the containment levels in existing installations and as a method to restrict access.

Our continuous liner system has been applied to production level V-Blenders. The low profile design was used in this application to support clearance limitations with this pre-installed piece of process equipment.

Our containment Tablet Coater applications, used for lab scale and production operations at multiple International Pharma manufacturers, take the idea of retrofits to another level. Here, existing and new equipment are supported.

Press located inside containment tray then contained inside an enclosure

Tray Dryers are a common method of dryer wetcakes and granulated drug products. This is especially true in the early product development phase.

Another ILC innovation in the area of flexible containment is the design of the advanced crimping system.

Containment solutions for the contained offloading of Aurora Filters.

The DoverPac® Bag In/Bag Out (BIBO) containment system is a family of contained transfer designs for multiple processes. The primary components for this validated operation consist of multiple groove canisters, docking interface hardware, and softgoods in either continuous liner form or discreet liners.

Containment challenges are presented in a variety of ways by different types of particle reduction machines.

ILC supports contained offloading.

Another ILC innovation in the area of flexible containment is the design of the advanced crimping system.


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    ILC Dover, Inc. (“ILC Dover” or the “Company”), a world leader in the design and production of single-use flexible solutions for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturing, today announced the acquisition of Solo Containment, Ltd. (“Solo”), a specialist manufacturer of flexible film isolators based in the United Kingdom. The acquisition will grow ILC Dover’s global pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical business, expanding its solutions for high containment and powder transfer to include aseptic flexible isolators, among others.

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