Evonik serves as a global development partner and solutions provider to biotechnology companies to help them transform complexity into value.  We bring together a broad, versatile range of core competencies, a trusted global network of sites, and strong technical expertise, to support you in the development, scale-up and manufacturing of biopharmaceutical products.

Areas of market leadership include high-purity amino acids, cell culture ingredients, lipid nanoparticle and polymeric-based drug products, tissue engineering, functional excipients, and biomaterials such as recombinant collagen.  We are also one of the world's leading CDMOs for protein fermentation, APIs, advanced intermediates and biomaterials, with extensive formulation and process development support for large or complex projects.

Microbial fermentation

Evonik is one of the world’s leading custom contract manufacturing organizations for the production of high-quality substances including advanced food ingredients, cosmetics, nature-identical materials and APIs that leverage microbial fermentation.

  • A comprehensive array of services from strain development through to large-scale commercial production
  • Experience that spans more than 30 years
  • Helped to bring to market more than 25 commercial products based on fermentation and biocatalytic technologies
  • More than 4,000m³ of fermentation capacity across multiple high-quality sites, including flexible downstream processing
  • Enzymatic chemistry expertise with >20 different enzymes applied at production scale
  • A strong record in the development of new enzyme platforms (bacteria, algae, fungi)

Amino acids and derivatives

Evonik is one of the world’s leading and most trusted suppliers of pharmaceutical amino acids. For more than 40 years, customers have been leveraging our broad portfolio of highly pure natural and non-natural pharmaceutical amino acids, salts and derivatives.  Our strong backward integration for starting materials manufactured at our large-scale fermentation facilities, can help to strengthen supply security and streamline your complete supply chain.

Evonik is far more than just a preferred global supplier of high purity amino acids, derivatives and peptides.  We also serve as a development partner and solutions provider to many of the world’s pharmaceutical, biotech and nutraceutical customers. Our broad mix of core competencies across chemistry, biotechnology, drug delivery and cell culture uniquely position us to create long-term value.  Customized amino acid solutions or regulatory services are provided in a range of areas including particle design, purification, packaging and analytical testing.

cQrex® cell culture solutions with industry recognized benefits

cQrex® is Evonik’s market-leading brand of cGMP-grade cell culture ingredients that are used by pharmaceutical and biotech companies to boost cell culture performance.   Commercially proven for reliable media performance across countless biological programs, our cQrex® portfolio features a range of peptides and keto acids that we designed to address key issues in mammalian cell culture.  The foundation stone for such outcomes are high-quality and animal origin-free amino acids, which have earned the industry’s finest reputation for batch-to-batch reproducibility at any clinical or commercial scale.  All cell culture ingredients can be customized on-demand to address specific formulation requirements.  In addition to screenings and booster development services, cQrex® customers can also benefit from our strong local knowledge of cell culture markets worldwide.

The cQrex® portfolio of dipeptides has been developed to provide customer solutions to the most challenging problems encountered with certain amino acids in high-performing cell culture processes. Based on their superior solubility, chemical stability and metabolic bioavailability, they have become essential tools in media development.

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