Astrea Bioseparations was founded in 1987 as a spinout from a Cambridge University working group. The original name was Affinity Chromatography Limited with the name changing through the years.

Most recently the company was known as Prometic Bioseparations until transitioning to Astrea Bioseparations in 2019. In 2020, the company became a wholly owned Gamma Biosciences company focused on helping bring advanced therapies to market.

Today, Astrea Bioseparations is honoured to be selected as a supplier delivering scalable, reliable solutions, with resins used in more than 20 FDA or EMA approved manufacturing processes.

What’s in a name?

The Greek “star-maiden”, Astrea, was the goddess of justice, innocence, purity, and precision represented by the constellation Virgo.

Our name, Astrea Bioseparations, reflects our own focus on purity, precision, and humanity in all we do. We use the constellation Virgo both as an allusion to the Greek myth and for the striking resemblance to a molecular diagram.

A commitment to quality

At Astrea Bioseparations every detail matters as we work to create tailored solutions that streamline bioprocesses from research through commercial phases. We actively support customers with products and services that enable them to Discover, Develop, and Deliver next-generation therapies to the market to treat or even cure diseases.

Our product portfolio includes standard and custom adsorbents and columns, complemented by our support services, that help customers run successful affinity chromatography and bioseparations projects.


The Evolve® product range consists of cost effective, ready-to-use process columns providing a high performance, easy to use, low maintenance, scalable technology with excellent flow distribution to support chromatographic processes & biopharmaceutical applications.

p-Aminobenzamidine Agarose 6XL is an affinity adsorbent for purification of serine proteases and esterases such as trypsin, thrombin, kallikrein, urokinase, acetyl cholinesterase and alkaline phosphatase.

IsoClear A™ and IsoClear B™ adsorbents are highly selective for the removal of isoagglutinin antibodies, enabling cost effective and efficient reduction of isoagglutinin titre for plasma and plasma derived products.

A high performance synthetic ligand affinity chromatography adsorbent which is compatible with large-scale process applications, Insulin Adsorbent shares the same chemistry as Astrea Bioseparations’ proven Mimetic Ligand™ adsorbents and provides high yields and purities for naturally occurring forms of insulin and insulin analogues from a variety of sources.

Adsorbents designed for capture, intermediate purification and polishing steps - engineered for use in demanding process applications.

Aminophenylboronate P6XL is an affinity adsorbent for the purification of glycoproteins, or the removal of glycoprotein and carbohydrate impurities from nonglycosylated molecules.

A proven technology that provides a stable ligand and attachment chemistry with excellent selectivity for albumin fusion proteins.

Etoxiclear™ is a high performance, non-ion-exchange, synthetic affinity chromatography adsorbent allowing cost effective and efficient endotoxin removal. Available as an adsorbent slurry for column packing and in an extensive range of disposable columns to suit your process.

We designed a “Next Generation” column line to address evolving demands. Drawing on our many years of experience, we are pleased to provide the most effective and user friendly preparative column on the market.

The Evolve®D column range provides a  process column that is in a ‘ready-to-use’ prepacked format. Available in 70, 100, 140* and 200mm diameters, with bed height options of 5, 10, 15 or 20cm.