The 3M biopharmaceutical business is a subset of the 3M Separation and Purification Sciences Division which utilizes cutting edge 3M material science that pushes the boundaries of purification, filtration, and separation to support production, processes that change lives, and deliver quality solutions where it matters most.

3M biopharmaceutical purification solutions work to optimize your processes, applying our biopharma experience, material science and proprietary technologies to help you develop highly effective purification solutions. Our solutions are designed for upstream and downstream processing. These solutions are focused on 3M innovative technologies for the development and manufacturing of recombinant proteins including mAbs, vaccines, and therapeutic plasma proteins.

Our biopharma and materials science expertise can help you improve in-process purity, increase the yield of your product and lower manufacturing costs – so you can focus on bringing life-saving treatments to trial and market.

About 3M

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  • Improvement in downstream bioprocessing is available by leveraging new process designs that allow replacing multi-use steps with single-use solutions. Learn more about how 3M solutions enable acceleration of downstream workflows.

  • Implementation of innovative filtration technologies in GMP manufacturing processes have been hindered by several factors such as poor binding capacities and understanding of viral clearance mechanisms. Hear how 3M™ Polisher ST helps meet strict viral clearance requirements.

  • Biopharmaceutical companies operating in a manufacturing environment with columns are approaching the limits of productivity and scalability. Hear how 3M’s single use technology can help reimagine process design.

  • Learn more about this innovative solution that utilizes a proprietary membrane protected by a polypropylene non-woven material to achieve a simplified and cost-effective process that could replace AEX by 2030.

  • New industry trends in upstream processes are introducing higher demands on the harvest and clarification process. Overcome limited design challenges by building on newer technologies capable of simplifying upstream processing.


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