News | November 9, 2017

Webinar Promises To Help Biopharmaceutical Manufacturers Cut Down On Product Losses

Source: Parker Bioscience Filtration
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Biopharmaceutical manufacturers will be urged to eliminate the weak links in the performance of single-use assemblies, in a forthcoming webinar sponsored and delivered by international bioprocessing solutions provider Parker Hannifin.

The free webinar, entitled Is There a Gap in Your Process Validation? will demonstrate the need to take a holistic approach to single-use assembly design and how to avoid unnecessary product losses.

Taking place on November 14, 2017, it will highlight the importance of a validation package in eliminating the risks posed by unexpected material behaviours, such as ultra-low temperature storage.

The webinar will help participants to understand the changing nature of the vendor-user relationship with respect to single use validation, explore the factors that should be considered when validating a single-use process, and find out how to increase performance through consideration of broader design elements.

The webinar, which will be delivered by Guy Matthews, market development manager at Parker Hannifin, will also help participants to learn how to ensure that single-use assemblies are validated for the entire supply chain.

Commenting on the upcoming webinar, Guy Matthews said: “It’s vitally important that biopharmaceutical manufacturers understand the full life cycle of a single-use system – there are many factors that may not be identified in the design of an assembly that can have a detrimental impact on its performance.

“This webinar will support staff across downstream and upstream process development, as well as purification scientists, operations and facilities managers, automation engineers and those working in quality assurance, and will help them to ensure that critical assemblies are fit for purpose throughout the supply chain.

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SOURCE: Parker Bioscience Filtration