News | June 6, 2024

Webinar: Leveraging Digital Solutions For Regulatory Compliance In Biomanufacturing

With the ever-increasing focus on patient safety and product quality by the FDA and EMA, it is imperative that biomanufacturers in the USA and EU embrace digital solutions to comply with regulations and avoid non-compliance letters.

Join Honeywell to learn more from Dr. Arshad Azwad on how biomanufacturing companies are leveraging digital systems to navigate these challenges.

Arshad Azwad
Biomanufacturing Specialist
Speaker Bio:
Arshad Azwad, Ph.D., is the Biomanufacturing Specialist for the Life Sciences vertical within Honeywell Process Solutions, responsible for identifying customer pain points and providing tailored solutions for different types of modality manufacturing (ranging from small molecule to cell & gene therapy). Arshad holds a PhD in Biopharmaceutical Technology from the National University of Singapore and an MBA from Cornell University.

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