News | October 30, 2008

WaterSep Extends The Product Line Of Antifouling Hollow Fiber Cartridges


WaterSep introduces a 0.2 um anti-fouling hollow fiber membrane for mammalian cell, bacteria and yeast clarification.

The WaterSep low protein binding, antifouling membranes excel at resisting fouling from anti-foam materials typically found in cell broths of bacteria, mammalian cells or yeast.

The open channel format of hollow fiber membranes, combined with WaterSep's proprietary membrane morphology and surface chemistry makes it well suited for process fluids containing lipids, antifoam agents and other hydrophobic material.

Reduced fouling leads to higher product transmission resulting in improved yields.

The new 0.2 um membrane is available in the entire product offering, based on 3 fluid path lengths — 12", 24" and 41" for reliable and consistent scale-up:

  • The Explorer series is recommended for membrane screening and laboratory volumes up to several liters.
  • The Investigator series is ideal for process development and pilot applications.
  • The BioProducer is our large scale high capacity hollow fiber cartridges for product batches up to several thousand liters.

WaterSep now offers membrane with 10K, 30K, 50K 100K, 300K, 500K and 750K MWCO as well as 0.1um and 0.2 um for concentration, diafiltration and clarification applications.

All WaterSep hollow fiber membranes are based on a new proprietary membrane technology combining a modified polyethersulfone (PES) and a proprietary spinning process. The WaterSep hollow fiber cartridges offer enhanced product yields, higher sustained process flow and longer service life See how WaterSep's 75 years of combined membrane experience can help you optimize your application and improve the economics of your cross-flow filtration processes. Visit us at or call 1 508 970 0089 ext 204.

SOURCE: Watersep