E-Book | January 23, 2023

Understanding The Art And Science Of Patient Recruitment

Source: ISR Reports

Patient access and recruitment are ongoing bottlenecks in today’s clinical trials, with many sponsors experiencing delays, and even failure, as a result of poor enrollment and/or high dropout rates. Now, as clinical trials become increasingly complex, it is more important than ever to understand how to overcome these challenges in order to accelerate timelines, lower costs, and improve the quality of clinical trial data.

Recognizing the need for more insight on how to navigate this evolving landscape, Industry Standard Research (ISR) has been collecting data on a wide range of areas related to patient access and recruitment. This includes but is not limited to the challenges of finding and retaining clinical trial participants; what specific attributes clinical development outsourcers are focusing on when it comes to securing a reliable provider; and strategies that can help diversify patient recruitment approaches.

This e-book examines the results of this effort, focusing on the use of specialized recruitment companies as one possible strategy and also discussing the nuances associated with rare disease studies and their key differences when compared to more traditional studies.

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