TWIST™ Mini Extrusion System

TWIST Mini Extruder Kit (Bucket size)

The TWIST™ Mini Liposome Extruder System is an all-inclusive modular liposome extrusion system. The intuitive design allows novice and expert users the ability to create liposome particles ranging from 50 nm to 10 um in diameter. With the heat block and extruder base, users have extended liposome creation capabilities and an easy, ergonomic set up. The TWIST™ System is the perfect solution for small scale R&D and liposome exploration projects.

  • The TWIST™ Liposome Mini Extruder kit is a manual extrusion system that utilizes pre-assembled, ready to use TWIST™ Pods for quick, clean preparation of liposomes, polymersomes, and nanoparticles. The kit is designed for both novice and expert researchers looking to prepare liposomes, encapsulating genetic material, small molecules, and other biological materials. Users can experiment with a myriad of lipids, payloads (mRNA), extrusion pod sizes, syringes, and temperature to optimize their liposome formulation.
  • The precise engineering of each component of the TWIST™ system guarantees a leak free seal, which prevents loss of valuable sample and materials creating liposomes with consistent size and structure. The extruder pods and syringes are easily exchanged by hand with the user-friendly design of the Turnkey and Pod Cartridge set up – no other tools are needed. All reusable components of the TWIST Mini Extruder System are milled from high quality stainless steel and aluminum suitable for the autoclave and designed for years of repeatable use.
  • Order everything you need to start developing liposomes. Lipids, RNA, Cayman Chemical LNP Exploration kits – all available for next day delivery.

​Kit Includes the Following:

  • TWIST Mini Liposome Extruder Pod, pack of 8 (pore-size of choice)
  • TWIST Pod Cartridge
  • TWIST Turnkey
  • TWIST Mini Liposome Extruder Base and Heat Block
  • 20-pack of 1mL syringes

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