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Bioprocess Online has been the leading Web site for promoting biopharmaceutical manufacturing-related products and services since its launch in 1998. Here are the Top 10 reasons why you should advertise with Bioprocess Online. To find out more, contact us at or call us at 814-897-7700.

1. We're Growing ... Rapidly!
On average over 50,000 unique users visit Bioprocess Online every month. As more and more engineers and plant managers turn to the Web for their business information needs, we're happy to provide the most up-to-date source of new product and reference data for biopharmaceutical manufacturers.

2. Our Audience Is Your Audience
Take a look at the top 20 search terms that our visitors entered on Bioprocess Online last year. Yes, our user community speaks your language!

cell culture -- assay -- DNA -- chemicals -- bioreactors -- bioanalytical methods -- proteins -- assay development -- fermentation -- contract manufacturing -- diagnostics -- RNA -- peptides -- purification -- microbial -- validation -- separation -- formulation -- oligos -- genome

3. We've Never Generated So Many Leads Before
Last year we set a new record for the number of sales leads we generated for our advertisers and we're well on our way to surpassing that number in 2007. What's more, our lead volume grew 37%! So we're not only growing our audience but we're increasing the number of sales leads generated per user on our Web site at the same time. That's pretty exciting!

Print Publication Advertisers Online

4. Where Your Competitors Advertise Online
Bioprocess Online has the advertisers you know and trust. The advertisers you have been seeing for years in the print publications. Over the last four years, advertisers have signed on with Bioprocess Online and continue to use us as their premiere Web marketing vehicle.

Do our advertisers know something you don't know? Call us to learn of other companies who are marketing their products through Bioprocess Online.

14,800 Bioresearch Online pages indexed on Google

5. Over 14,000 Pages Of Content Indexed By Google
Bioprocess Online has over 14,000 pages of content indexed by Google. Take a look! This means there are over 14,000 pages of information that Google users can search through to find your products and articles on Bioprocess Online.

How does your own Web site stack up? How many pages do you have indexed? How about the vehicles you are currently advertising with? Call us! We'd be happy to discuss.

6. Satisfied Customers
Why wouldn't our customers be satisfied? A designated Customer Relationship Manager who acts as an extension of your sales and marketing team -- generating leads, promoting your capabilities and soliciting feedback throughout your campaign. And we provide a comprehensive Web-based dashboard for capturing all the traffic data you need to measure just how effectively we are returning your investment.

7. Comprehensive Editorial Coverage Throughout The Year
As an advertiser on Bioprocess Online your product and article content is promoted to our audience year round through a customized program managed by one of our experienced Customer Relationship Managers. We also offer a comprehensive editorial calendar to sharpen our audience's focus around specific product topics using special edition email newsletters that go out once a month. As a further benefit, we leverage our portfolio of 68 additional Web sites to deliver these product-specific newsletters to a wider audience of interested professionals across multiple industries.

8. Did We Mention Our Audience Is Your Audience?
With 39% of our audience defining themselves as research and development professionals and another 30% in corporate management, we deliver a captive audience of technical professionals responsible for specifying projects and making purchasing decisions. Over the last year, we've helped biopharmaceutical manufacturers from New England to Puerto Rico; AstraZeneca to Wyeth; and GlaxoSmithKline to Merck. Whether you target quality assurance and control managers, research and development personnel or plant engineers, contact us today to find out how we can help you get bidding on upcoming projects.

9. Your Customers Have Got Mail
Delivering 2 email newsletters a week to over 10,000 subscribers makes Bioprocess Online the most up-to-date source of product and industry news available and the most effective way to deliver your product information to market. Don't just take our word for it -- our proprietary tracking software allows you to track just how much of a return we are delivering on your investment. If you'd like to start receiving our newsletter, subscribe here or give us a call. We'd be happy to assist.

10. We're Bioprocess Offline Too
If you've made a heavy investment in creating print ads for the year ahead then have no fear. We've got you covered offline too. Once a year we mail our Bioprocess Solutions Update directly to our audience in association with the BIO Annual Convention in May. Why not leverage the print creative you already have on hand to reach out to a fresh pool of potential customers?

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