Webinar | March 27, 2017

The Proof Is In The Pudding: Bacterial Retention Of Sterilizing Grade Membranes

Source: MilliporeSigma

While the theoretical foundation of microbial retention by sterilizing grade membrane filters has not changed, advances in technology allow us to better understand the mechanisms and predict its performance. Still, end users and regulators require empirical evidence that drug product does not impact the ability of the membrane to retain microbes

In this webinar, our presenters will:

  • Review the scientific foundation of the bacterial retention test
  • Illustrate how sterilizing membranes function 
  • Apply the bacterial retention test to a modern drug product in a case study
  • Understand specific challenges and eliminate them to assure the integrity test can be performed correctly the first time

Presenter: Kathleen Sousa
R&D Manager, Virology & Microbiological Sciences

Sal Giglia
Filtration Applications Manager 

Ashley O'Brien 
VPC Team, Provantage Lab Services