Newsletter | February 21, 2024

02.21.24 -- Suppliers Ready To Serve Your Purification Services Needs


Re-Imagining Chromatography - Building Efficient, Connected Downstream Processes

The goal of process intensification is to create a connected downstream process. This whitepaper contains insights to help you simplify your intensification journey, boost productivity, enhance sustainability, and reduce your facility footprint. Discover our step-by-step approach to implementing downstream process intensification. Get expert insights into the real-life benefits of connected chromatography and learn how to build an efficient, connected mAb purification process. Download here.

Antibody Therapeutics Purification

We have developed a portfolio of affinity chromatography resins to help you solve challenges in the downstream process of next-generation antibody therapeutics. These resins are designed for the purification of engineered mAb modalities.

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Thermo Fisher Scientific Bioproduction

Protein Capture Devices To Improve Antibody Purification Productivity

Utilize the GORE Protein Capture Device to improve productivity in the protein A step. These products demonstrate 8 to 10 times the productivity of traditional resins to help improve the overall productivity of the entire first step in antibody purification.

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W.L. Gore & Associates

Simplify mAb Capture With A Novel Chromatography Membrane

The introduction of a novel membrane makes disposable “plug and play” a reality. A one-batch, one-membrane approach reduces bioburden risk and lowers CoGs. Explore benefits, technical specifications, and more.

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Chromatography Solutions For AAV Full And Empty Capsid Separation

Effective separation of full and empty AAV capsids requires implementation of purification strategies that differ from standard approaches used for traditional modalities. Explore two cases describing such approaches.

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Used Biopharma Bioreactors

Federal Equipment Company's inventory features bench-top fermenters and bioreactors for use in research and development through pilot and scale-up fermentation systems and all the way up to commercial production bioreactors.

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Federal Equipment Company