SpectraMax M Series Microplate Readers, Up To Six Wavelengths Per Read

Mol Device spectromax

Configurable readers with triple-mode cuvette ports, validation tools, and compliance software.

The SpectraMax® M Series Multi-Mode Microplate Readers measure UV and visible absorbance, fluorescence, luminescence, fluorescence polarization, TRF and HTRF.

Dual monochromators increase performance and assay flexibility

Standard SpectraMax® M Series Multi-Mode Microplate Reader features include a cuvette port, spectral scanning in 1 nm increments, and up to six wavelengths per read. These robust readers have been placed in labs from Antarctica to the International Space Station. With optimized reagents, validation tools, and industry-leading SoftMax® Pro Software, they provide consistent performance.

  • Assay flexibility

    The optical system uses two scanning monochromators so you can determine optimal excitation and emission settings, resulting in assay performance similar to that of dedicated single-mode readers.

  • Better absorbance accuracy

    Measure sample depth with no temperature dependency using the PathCheck Sensor technology. It automatically normalizes absorbance readings to 1 cm, eliminating the need for standard curves.

  • Increased throughput

    Integrate easily with our StakMax® Microplate Stacker for walk-away automation. The stacker can hold up to 50 plates and can be configured to include a barcode reader.


  • Patented optimization

    The patented AutoPMT optimization of the SpectraMax M5 reader adjusts the fluorescence detector to each sample well's concentration and normalizes the raw data, extending the dynamic range of assays.

  • IQ/OQ/PM Services

    Qualify Molecular Devices microplate readers in GLP or GMP environments with our IQ/OQ/PM Services to preserve the documentation of services in a compliant format that can be accessed remotely.

  • Validation tools

    Extensive suite of validation tools reduces the cost and time of validation by 50% as compared to using multiple platforms to collect and analyze data.

  • Compliance software

    SoftMax Pro GxP Software extends data acquisition and analysis solution into regulated laboratories working under GMP, GLP, and 21 CFR Part 11 for secure electronic records.